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  • How much does the GoLite Portable Lift Weigh?
    It weighs 25 lbs with battery.
  • What mobility products was the GoLite Portable Lift designed to lift?
    It was initially designed to help lift lightweight foldable electric wheelchairs and mobility aids like the Pride Passport, Geo Cruiser, Airhawk, Wheelchair 88, Zoomer, Zinger, EZ Lite Cruiser and other similar products. You can also use it to lift lightweight foldable scooters like the Transformer, Mobie Plus, EV Rider Transport, Drive ZooMe Auto-Flex, Pride Go-Go Foldable Scooter as well as some other foldable scooters.
  • How do I purchase one?
    The GoLite Portable Lift is sold through authorized dealers. Just select the "Where to Buy" tab on our webiste for a list of local and online dealers.
  • What are the dimensions of the GoLite Portable Lift?
    GoLite Portable Lift Platform (Length X Width): 28.5" X 16"
  • How do you store the GoLite Portable Lift?
    The only part of the lift that requires special storage consideration is the battery. Do not store the battery in freezing temperatures as this will cause accelerated discharge and will reduce the battery life-cycle. The battery is easy to remove for long-term storage.
  • Will the GoLite Portable Lift fit in my vehicle?
    You will need to measure your vehicle trunk or hatchback area. The lift measurements are: When collapsed (Length X Width X Height): 29.5" X 18.9" X 9"
  • Does the GoLite Portable Lift need to be attached to my vehicle?
    No, as the name implies, it is a stand-alone lift weighing only 25 lbs with battery, and is designed to fit in the trunk of most cars, SUVs, crossovers, vans or trucks. It will even fit in the back seat of your vehicle secured with a seat belt.
  • Can the GoLite Portable Lift be transported and fit in a backseat?
    Yes it can. However, we do recommend securing it with a seatbelt.
  • Does the GoLite Portable Lift come with a battery?
    Yes, it comes with a built-in 24V-5Ah lithium-ion battery.
  • How do you charge the GoLite Portable Lift?
    The GoLite Portable Lift comes with an off-board charger. All you need to do is connect the charger adaptor to the battery and plug the cable into any outlet. Once charged, the battery will provide up to 250 lift cycles.
  • What is the charging time for the battery?
    You should charge the battery for five hours.
  • How many lift cycles per full charge?
    You can expect about 250 lift cycles per charge. Keep in mind that you can charge the battery up to 600 times.
  • Does the battery come with a battery charger?
    Yes, it comes with an off-board battery charger. You cannot substitute this charger with other types as you can cause damage to the battery.
  • Is the GoLite Portable Lift Travel Ready?
    Yes. The GoLite Portable Lift meets airline travel requirements as the lithium-ion battery is rated at only 120 watt-hours. We also have a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and the UN38.3 Test Report which is available upon request. These documents will be requested by most airlines before boarding.
  • How much does the GoLite Portable Lift cost?
    It retails for $1095, however you can contact an authorized dealer to check if they are offering a promotional price.
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